Elementary Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Educators who complete this program not only improve their schools, but they also typically advance within their profession. They often affect the quality of curriculum, instruction and assessment modalities utilized by their schools. If you want to become a teacher who influences the future of your profession, consider this program.

Elementary Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Degree

With this program, you’ll combine theoretical courses with hands-on student teaching to create comprehensive and valuable studies. With a strong focus on literacy, teaching and assessment for K-6 students, you’ll develop the skills and acquire the tools you’ll need to be an outstanding teacher and make an impact on your students as well as fellow teachers.

Some of the courses that you’ll experience with this program include:

  • Educational Theory into Practice
  • Assessment Strategies to Improve K-6 Learning
  • K-6 Instruction and Instructional Management
  • K-6 Teaching: Legal and Societal Contexts
  • Exceptional Needs in Inclusive Classrooms

Preparing to Work in Elementary Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

As part of a Master of Education, you can use this specialty to become a lead teacher or teacher trainer. You may also find the opportunity to influence curriculum design and selection, specific classroom instructional guidelines and assessment methodologies within your school system.

If the combination of personal advancement and increasing the quality of K-6 education appeals to you, explore this program and all it has to offer.

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