English Language Learner Studies

Imagine teaching English to someone from another culture or country. If that sounds interesting, consider studying unique teaching techniques and sharing new skills that offer tremendous satisfaction to English language learners.

English Language Learner Studies Degree

Discover linguistics theories, the structure of the English language and sociolinguistics. Study the personal dimensions of education as well as adult development and life assessment so you can better relate to your unique students.

Specialty courses you can find in this degree program include:

  • Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Learners
  • Methods, Materials and Technology for Learning a Second Language
  • English Language Teaching and Adult Learners
  • Language Learning in a Global Context
  • Testing and Assessment in ELL Students

Preparing to Work in English Language Learner Studies

Once you’ve completed this program, you could seek employment in a variety of areas. Some of the professionally rewarding positions available to an English language learner degree holder include international English teacher, corporate trainer, instructional consultant or adult language instructor.

This bachelor’s program also opens the door for future educational studies or specialties on the master’s level. Today’s the best day to take action!

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