Graduate Certificate in Education

Educators who earn this certificate can impact the quality of education within their schools, which can open doors for career advancement. With a variety of areas available for a graduate certificate study, there’s sure to be a specialty just for you.

Graduate Certificate in Education

Take advantage of earning a graduate certificate in education and delve more deeply into an area of study you love. The courses in this program were designed to meet the standards especially developed for teaching and leadership mastery. In addition, you can learn about some of the most innovative techniques and methodologies in the field.

With a graduate certificate in education, you can choose from some of the following fields:

  • K-12 Educational Leadership
  • Literacy and Language Teaching
  • Mathematics Teaching
  • Teaching with Technology

Preparing to Work with a Graduate Certificate in Education

After earning a specialty certificate, find different opportunities to utilize and share your new skills in your school and district or train other teachers in your specialty area. You could also create new school programs or offer higher level classes.

Whether you’re interested in enhancing your subject matter or becoming a leader within your school system, earning a certificate in education is time well spent!

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