Group Exercise Instructor

By demonstrating proper technique, correcting participants and explaining the value of particular movements, group exercise instructors help individuals get the most out of their exercise experience. These fitness professionals oversee workout classes providing direction and encouragement. They design group sessions including cardiovascular exercise, muscle conditioning and stretching.

Group exercise instructors may work in gyms, recreation centers, rehabilitation facilities or colleges. Some corporations hire group exercise instructors to help employees stay fit. Exercise instructors may teach a specific age group, such as the elderly, or offer a certain type of exercise class, as in water aerobics or spinning. Group exercise instructors monitor participants physically, insuring that they receive maximum benefits with minimum risk.

Some of the responsibilities of a group exercise instructor include:

  • Plan exercise routine based on participants’ abilities and goals
  • Demonstrate correct form and technique during group exercise
  • Observe participants and make corrective suggestions
  • Motivate participants to continue exercising
  • Teach proper breathing techniques
  • Explain how to exercise safely and regulate classes for safety
  • Show how to use specific equipment utilized in group exercise
  • Advise participants concerning health and wellness goals.

Group Exercise Instructor Degrees

Depending on the requirements of specific employers, group exercise instructors may be required to hold a two or four year degree in exercise science, physical education or health services. Some employers also require exercise instructors to earn certification as well as continuing education through conferences and certification classes. Certain exercise programs, such as Pilates and Yoga, usually require specific training courses as standards become more established to avoid participant injury.

Group Exercise Instructor Salary*

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there is an anticipated 29% job growth through 2018 for exercise instructors. It is expected to be among the fastest growing industries. The median wages for full time exercise instructors, as of 2008, were $29,210 annually.

*Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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