Initial Educational Administration Degree

This terminal degree (highest level) allows educators to move from classroom teaching to administration. If you’re an educator seeking an administrative position such as school principal, then this degree is vital for your career advancement.

Initial Educational Administration Degrees

Topics of study for this program include educational law, human resources, improving schools and administrative leadership. While earning this degree, you can work though a sequence of writing, research and dissertation while taking classes that support those assignments.

Some of the courses required for an initial educational administration degree include:

  • Educational Leadership in Administration
  • Survey of School Law
  • Educational Finance and Business Management
  • Human Resources in Education
  • Data Driven Change for School Improvement

Preparing to Work in Initial Educational Administration

As a graduate of this program, you would be eligible to act as a school administrator in the education system. As an administrator, your responsibilities would include supervising staff, teachers and students on every level. School administrators also manage the business of the school including all financial and legal responsibilities.

If you have the leadership abilities and desire to become a school administrator, this degree program offers the first step to your career success!

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