Instructional Design – Online Learning

Create instructional materials that work well in both real-world and online collaborative environments and make full use of rich multimedia content – the technology that’s revolutionized how we all learn.

Instructional Design and Technology Degree

Instructional design and technology focuses on education and creativity. Students learn how to create technology-based training materials that enrich learning experiences while enabling the educator to assess and evaluate progress.

Instructional design and technology courses can include:

  • Online learning theory and practice
  • Learning theories and application
  • Principles of instructional design
  • Computer-enhanced learning environments
  • Instructional technology

Preparing to Work in Instructional Design and Technology

Instructional design and technology graduates receive a solid grounding in learning theory and the application of educational research methods. Educators emerge from this program with an expertise in using technology in both analog and virtual classrooms.

If you’re passionate about education and about using technology to enhance this experience, then this course is for you. Get more information today.

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