Leadership of Educational Organizations

If you can see yourself as a leader in an educational organization, this Master of Education specialty could open that professional door for you. Get started today by studying leadership theory and current educational services leading to an advanced degree for you!

Leadership of Educational Organizations Degree

Foundations of learning theory, instructional design and educational research methods combine to provide you with the essential core skills of this program. Learn by doing as you construct your own human resources department, assess organizational change models, evaluate finances and develop an organization’s budget.

Classes you can find in a leadership of educational organizations degree program include:

  • Analysis, Assessment and Technology
  • Integrative Design and Evaluation
  • Applying Learning Theories
  • Leading an Educational Organization
  • Human Resource Planning and Evaluation

Preparing to Work in Leadership of Educational Organizations

With this degree, you could follow a wide variety of career paths. While traditional educational institutions offer many opportunities, other establishments such as non-profit groups, religious associations and any company with an educational component can also provide professional prospects.

If you’d enjoy working on the cutting edge of the educational industry, combining leadership, human resources and education design, this could be the program for you!

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