Reading & Literacy Teacher

Reading literacy is one of the highest demand specialties within the teaching field, and requires a person with both teaching expertise and a background in English language literacy.

Reading and Literacy Teacher Job Description

Reading and literacy teachers must use a variety of different strategies and techniques to achieve the following five steps to language literacy:

  • Phonemic awareness, which means being able to hear and identify separate, individual sounds within in spoken words
  • Phonics, which means being able to associate the sounds of the spoken words with the letters that make those sounds
  • Vocabulary, which means teaching the words children need to know to effectively communicate
  • Reading comprehension, which means that one can understand the meaning of the words he or she reads
  • Fluency, which means the ability to quickly, accurately read and comprehend the written word

Most reading teachers work with young children, as they are beginning the process of learning to read. This specialized field within education is beginning at increasingly younger ages, so whereas two decades ago, reading teachers were typically assigned to the second grade or higher, today, many preschools have designated reading and literacy staff.

There is also a growing subset within the reading and literacy field as applied to adult learners, which is known as remedial education instruction. These leading and literacy teachers work with adults who need assistance in improving their basic reading and writing skills.

Reading & Literacy Teacher Education & Training

Reading and literacy teachers typically have an advanced degree (master’s Degree or PhD/EdD) in education, as well as specialized training in reading and literacy. In addition, many states require special licensure to teach reading literacy. If you are seeking an advanced degree to enhance your teaching resume, an online college can offer top-notch academics with the convenience of learning at home, making it easier to work full time or raise a family.

Reading & Literacy Teacher Salary

According to, the average salary for a reading and literacy teacher at the elementary school level is between $33,449 and $69,275 per year. Salaries for teachers of adult literacy range from $27,747 to $56,155, although according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for these teachers is expected to increase at a faster than average rate over the next six years.

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