Secondary Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Teachers who enhance their professional knowledge and skills with this master’s level program may find themselves as leaders within their schools, creating a greater impact on students and colleagues. Are you ready to take on this challenge?

Secondary Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Degree

Designing curriculum, collaborating with other educational professionals and incorporating technology combine to create the foundational capstone of this comprehensive program. Discover how to work with exceptional needs students and develop assessment strategies for a variety of situations and students. Put educational theory into practice as you earn a Master’s degree.

Classes in secondary curriculum, instruction and assessment include:

  • K-12 Students using Technology
  • K-12 Classroom and Instructional Management
  • Exceptional Needs in Inclusive Classrooms
  • K-12 Teaching: Legal and Societal Context
  • Educational Theory into Practice

Preparing to Work in Secondary Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

By acquiring this degree, you can open doors to a number of educational career opportunities such as: department head, curriculum specialist, curriculum writer/designer or assessment specialist. Classroom teachers who earn this degree typically advance within their school system and earn a greater income than their counterparts with a lesser degree.

If you’re looking to increase your value as an educator and leader within your school system, consider this master’s level program as your next step to achievement.

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