Social Studies for Secondary Teachers

Social studies for secondary teachers can take you from classroom management and instruction to teaching specific areas of social studies. It also provides the education necessary to prepare the state educational licensing exams. Are you ready to take the next step toward a teaching career?

Social Studies for Secondary Teachers Degree

This comprehensive program will prepare you for teaching secondary students in a classroom setting while specializing in the various aspects of social studies. Youll learn how to teach students through the use of technology and the latest educational methodologies. This program includes a student teaching component along with classroom topics.

Here are some courses you can expect to take:

  • Methods of Teaching Social Studies in Secondary Schools
  • Classroom Engagement and Management
  • Secondary Curriculum Development and Assessment
  • Educating the Exceptional Learner
  • Educational Psychology

Preparing to Work in Social Studies as a Secondary Teacher

Earning this degree, along with passing the licensing exam for your state, qualifies you to teach social studies in a middle or high school classroom. As a secondary social studies teacher, you could teach any combination of history, geography, economics or government classes that students need for graduation.

If you can see yourself teaching and influencing children on a daily basis, this program of study could make that vision a reality!

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