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Teacher is a broad term. It refers to the imparting of knowledge to students in a structured manner-and it can cover an enormous variety of subjects and formats. The best teachers conduct a relationship with their classes and students; a give-and-take that involves both learning and teaching on the part of both teacher and pupil.

Teachers work in childcare centers and preschools; elementary, middle and high schools; vocational training institutes; colleges and universities. They teach basic skills, train people in occupations, and transfer esoteric knowledge to new generations of scholars. Courses of study in education are immensely varied as well.

Teacher Career Opportunities

Grade level and subject matter, public or private, narrowly-focused or broadly applied-there are any number of teaching careers to choose from.

  • Math Teacher

    A teacher who specializes in mathematics-arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus-generally teaches at the middle school or secondary level. He or she has the ability to instill in students an appreciation for the elegance and symmetry of mathematical concepts.

  • English Teacher

    Composition, literature, critical thinking and grammatical structures-the essential elements of communication-are instilled in us and nurtured by English teachers at the middle school and secondary levels.

  • History Teacher

    History teachers typically find employment in high schools and colleges. Specialty colleges, such as military academies, also provide job opportunities for history teachers.

  • College Teacher

    At two-year community colleges, four year colleges or universities, college teachers are required to learn as well as teach, balancing their classes and office consultations with original research and publishing, with the goal of becoming acknowledged experts in their field.

  • Civic Teacher

    A civic or social studies teacher is an educator specializing in teaching the principles of democracy, including the U.S. political and judicial systems. The main objective of a civic teacher is to use expertise and knowledge to instruct students on key aspects of citizenship and government.

  • Economics Teacher

    Economics teachers spend a substantial amount of time reading and planning lessons based on curriculum content and student level. They lecture to share the information with students, give directions for completing assignments, evaluate student progress, develop tests and assign grades.

  • Art Teacher

    Art teachers may work in any grade level from pre-school through college, encouraging students to discover how to express themselves creatively. This teaching position encompasses developing activities, writing lesson plans, teaching theory classes and evaluating student work.

  • Teacher Training/Licensure

    Teacher training courses help prepare future teachers to pass their professional teaching exams

  • Education and Training

    You love the idea of standing in front of a classroom instructing students, but your focus is more on adults than children. You would like to spend your days discussing the finer points of your subjects of expertise with other mature learners who can deal with the topics on a whole new level. If this describes you, we have a fascinating field of study for you to consider.

  • English Language Learner Studies

    Do you love linguistics? Are you fascinated by inter-cultural communications? If you’re interested in teaching English to the world, you’ll find this program fascinating and fun. Follow your dreams and learn to teach in multi-lingual classes and immersion programs.

  • English Second Other Language

    Do you enjoy working with children of other cultures? With today’s diverse culture continually growing, more and more children need to study English as a second language. You could be the person teaching those children, opening their eyes to a whole new world.

  • English for Secondary Teachers

    Would you like to have a positive impact on the future? Do you enjoy English and literature? Secondary teachers influence students in grades 7-12 by preparing them for college and careers following high school. Teaching English provides the foundational writing and verbal communication skills necessary for secondary students to succeed in life.

  • MAT – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

    With the growing diversity in our country, instructors who enjoy teaching English to non-English speakers are more in demand than ever. Are you an educator who enjoys working with multi-cultural students? If so, this might be the master’s degree program for you.

  • International Education

    Do you view education from a global perspective? Are you sensitive to cultural differences that affect education in the United States? Teachers from all over the country seek to develop cultural awareness and better understand global trends as related to education when they earn this master’s level degree. Are you one of those teachers?

  • Graduate Certificate in Education

    Are you a licensed K-12 instructor who wants to stand out among your colleagues? If so, a graduate certificate in education allows you to focus on a specialty area that can add value to your teaching and influence your students in a positive way.

  • Graduate Course

    Graduate studies offer the opportunity for students to master skills specifically related to their chosen field. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, only about 6% of Americans hold a master’s degree, so completing a graduate program could place you in a group of a select few. Are you ready to take the next step toward furthering your education?

  • Teaching & Learning

    Are you already a hard-working education professional? Do you have the desire to bring your career to a whole new level by studying teaching methodologies and curriculum supervision? If this sounds like you, then discover a new world awaiting you in this program.

  • Secondary Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

    If you’re currently a licensed educator, this degree program could be the next major step in your professional career. Do you see areas of concern within the middle and high schools in your school district? With this program of study, you’ll learn how to improve your secondary school system and increase the value of public education in your area.

  • Social Studies for Secondary Teachers

    Could you see yourself impacting future generations? As a social studies teacher in secondary education, you could do just that! If teaching middle and high school students about history, geography and economics sounds appealing, read on to discover how you could make it a career with this program of study.

  • Sociology Instructor

    Sociology instructors plan and teach postsecondary courses. Professors instructing students about sociology cover theories behind societal development and structure, ethnic and cultural mores, and social issues.

  • Flight Instructor

    Flight instructors teach individuals how to fly commercial, personal or military aircraft. They work for airlines, the federal government, the United States military and as self-employed instructors.

  • Tutor

    Tutors are responsible for providing specialized instruction to individuals or small groups of students. These professionals typically operate outside of the traditional classroom.

  • Geography Instructor

    Geography instructors, also known as geography teachers or professors, teach concepts related to the social science of geography.

  • Head Teacher

    Head teachers, also known as school principals or administrators, are responsible for leading and managing the daily operations of educational institutions.

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