Engineering & Science Degrees

Thinking about an online degree in engineering or science? Search online certificates, associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees in engineering here!

Engineers use the laws of science and mathematics to design, construct, operate and maintain hardware, which can be as minute as a microchip or as massive as the Hoover Dam. This expertise is usually well compensated with excellent benefits. Take the first step toward this lucrative career by earning an engineering degree online from an accredited university.

Virtually all entry-level positions in the industry require at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Beyond that, all states require engineers to get licensed — a process that requires on-the-job experience (often four years) and a detailed exam administered by the relevant state department. Whether you work full time or recently graduated, earning your degree online in engineering can fit your busy schedule while advancing your career.

Engineering & Science Fields

Earning an online degree in engineering can open the doors to a successful career path. Some of the most following career categories are listed below.

  • Engineering

    From civil engineers to mechanical engineers, those trained to design and build most of what we see around us are a valuable part of our everyday lives. Do you have what it takes to become an engineer? Find out.

  • Math

    Analytical thinking is valuable to almost any organization, and in many cases, the subjects of math and science intertwine. Consider these careers in math and science while earning your college education.

  • Science

    Career opportunities in the field of science and biology are vast. Many professionals work in research and development to formulate new products that facilitate and improve quality of life. Find out what it takes to become a scientist.

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