Advanced Start Environmental Policy and Management

One of your main goals in life is to make a positive impact on the environment and the world around you. You love coming up with new ways to solve age-old problems, especially manmade ones that adversely affect nature and its processes. If this sounds like you, environmental policy and management could be a great field of study.

Advanced Start Environmental Policy and Management Degree

Advanced start environmental policy and management students begin the program with an associate or bachelor’s degree. With fewer general requirement classes to fulfill, coursework delves directly into environmental planning and politics as well as critical thinking to solve local, national and global problems. Learn how to channel your enthusiasm for the environment into effective social change.

Classes in an environmental policy and management degree include:

  • Economics of Environmental Management
  • Environmental Policy Analysis
  • The Global Environment
  • Public Sector Financing
  • Environmental Law

Earning a degree in environmental policy and management prepares you for a variety of careers including environmental planner, policy consultant or specialist. You could work with private, public or non-profit organizations. Take your current position to the next level with a deepened knowledge of environmental strategies and techniques.

The environment needs dedicated, well-trained advocates fighting on its behalf. Are you up to the challenge? Begin today!

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