Chemistry Degree

Chemistry entails the study of the composition of substances, their properties and reactions. It involves the structure and actions of atoms and elements. This scientific field includes how different substances react to one another and the laws established to allow scientists to define and understand these reactions.

Chemistry Degrees

The study of chemistry rarely occurs in isolation; it is most commonly connected to biology and physics. Analytical chemistry deals with chemical composition and structure. Biochemistry refers to how chemicals interact and react within organisms. Physical chemistry involves the study of molecular and atomic structure. Chemical engineering concerns applying chemistry laws to solve problems.

Chemists work in a number of fields, including: pharmaceuticals; manufacturing of chemicals or chemically based products; oil refining and extraction; and research. They often work in private industry to develop new products. They may also complete research for government agencies and universities. Many chemists teach on a college level while pursuing research projects.

Work in Chemistry

Chemists most commonly work in classrooms, laboratories and offices. They apply scientific laws and procedures to measure, distinguish and evaluate changes in matter. These studies directly relate to how everyday products are made, chemicals are processed and our world is affected by chemical changes in the environment.

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