Circuit Design Engineering Degree

Circuit Design engineering, a sub-discipline of electrical engineering, involves determining the components and interconnections of an electrical network. This type of engineer may work to create electrical products, from consumer goods to industrial and military equipment, which may include microcircuits and microprocessors.

Circuit design engineers may be employed to do work related to processing, transporting and storing digital information or computer design technology. Basically, any product involving the networking of electrical components requires the expertise of a circuit design engineer.

Circuit Design Engineer Degrees

Electrical engineers may start with an associate degree, but career opportunities in this field generally require at least a bachelor’s degree.

Circuit design engineers may also take specialized courses as the profession requires specific field knowledge. An advanced degree in this particular engineering category means a significantly higher salary in most situations.

Circuit Design Engineer Job Description

This type of engineering involves circuit layout for new product designs; development of microcircuits and microprocessors; digital and analogue circuit implementation; and the analysis of current systems for the purposes of design improvement or trouble shooting flaws.

As a Circuit Design Engineer, you might:

  • Manage electronic design projects
  • Create circuit layouts for new products
  • Design and implement analogue and digital circuits
  • Define and apply electronic architectures
  • Interconnect electrical networks to properly function
  • Test and debug circuit designs.

This profession requires problem-solving capabilities as well as the ability to stay on top of emerging technology. Circuit design jobs can relate to computers and video technology, aerospace advancements, vital medical equipment or industrial design.

Circuit Design Engineer Salary

With at least a four percent growth rate expected in the electrical engineering field, circuit design engineering is a positive career choice. According to the Department of Labor, engineers are some of the highest paid professionals with bachelor’s degrees.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers estimate that electrical engineering salaries increase about $10,000 with each advanced degree. An electrical engineer’s salary typically ranges from $49,000 to $115,000 annually.

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