Ecology Degree

The science of ecology deals with the study of living things and how they interrelate. The examination of natural resources and how they’re affected by pollution, weather and other changes is a common field of study in ecology. Ecology includes investigating the interaction of the physical environment and living organisms, including animals and human beings.

Ecology Degrees

Ecologists primarily perform research although they do spend some time in the field. They may look at the environmental impact of a particular building project or development. Ecologists also examine and predict how environmental changes affect certain species, habitats or ecosystems. These scientists often use computer simulations and previous scientists’ data as well as information gathered in the field.

Ecologists spend significant time educating others. They are often called on to provide reports and recommendations for government agencies, environmental organizations and industry. They design textbooks and curriculum, and often teach on the university level. It’s not uncommon for an ecologist to work as an advocate or representative for a conservation organization.

Work in Ecology

Although the study of ecology may be applied to many different arenas, pursuing sustainable development proves to be a serious application for ecologists. With this study, ecologists research ways to meet the needs of human consumption and production without completely damaging the natural environment. Ecologists often work with a team of scientists in the field, collecting data and information, brainstorming solutions to ecological problems and then return to the laboratory to experiment, evaluate and organize their findings.

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