Engineering Degrees

Engineering Fields

Earning an online degree in engineering can open the doors to a successful career path. Some of the most following career categories are listed below.

  • Civil Engineering

    Civil engineers are builders. They are often involved in big projects moving massive amounts of material for streets and freeways; bridges and tunnels; dams and power generating plants; air, sea and rail terminals; water and sewage transportation systems; and similar large-scale structures.

  • Chemical Engineering

    Chemical engineering involves dealing with industrial and natural processes related to chemical, biological or physical changes in matter and energy. This branch of engineering also deals with solving problems connected to the design, development and operation of machinery used to create these products.

  • Electrical Engineering

    Electrical engineers specialize in the electrical and electronic components integrated into mechanical systems. This equipment can include large-scale systems such as power generators and energy transmission devices operated by utility companies; control systems for operating machinery; the electrical components of car, boat and airplane motors; or the design and installation of wiring and lighting for homes and buildings.

  • Environmental Engineering

    Environmental engineers develop solutions to manage society’s environmental needs, which can include detailing the potential impact on the environment of an engineering or development project, supervising the water supply or sewage treatment for a city, and managing the disposal of hazardous materials or the reclamation of contaminated land.

  • Mechanical Engineering

    Mechanical engineers deal with virtually any equipment that functions mechanically. The most unique aspect of this branch of engineering is that the mechanical engineer often designs the tools used by other engineering functions.

  • Nuclear Engineer

    A nuclear engineer researches and designs the procedures and equipment related to acquiring energy from nuclear power and radiation.

  • Management of Engineering & Technology

    Management of engineering and technology is meant for engineers and scientists who want to advance their careers toward the areas of technical management and leadership within the engineering and technology fields.

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