Environmental Policy and Management

A degree in environmental policy and management prepares you to explore the connections between the public and private sectors, society, economics and the environment. With a deeper understanding of environmental issues and policy, and how you can affect change in those areas, you can get equipped for the challenge of this career field.

Environmental Policy and Management Degree

With a degree in environmental policy and management, integrate courses in science, economics and policy to develop solutions to various environmental problems at all levels. Faculty members are chosen from diverse fields, giving students a deep understanding of how environmental policy shapes various disciplines.

Here’s a look at some of the courses typically included in an environmental policy and management degree program:

  • The Politics of Managing the Environment
  • Ethics and Public Administration
  • Introduction to Policy Making
  • Socially Responsible Leadership
  • The Economics of Environmental Management
  • Advanced Environmental Law and Policy
  • Finance and Budgeting in the Public Sector
  • Private and Public Sector Partnerships
  • Grant Writing

Preparing to Work in Environmental Policy and Management

Graduates of an environmental policy and management program prepare for entry-level jobs in the environmental field, such as sustainability coordinator, corporate environmental specialist, environmental policy consultant or advisor, compliance specialist or environmental planner.

Don’t waste your energy in a career that doesn’t suit you. Give yourself the “green” light, and see what a degree in environmental policy and management has to offer you!

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