The HVAC/R program (which stands for Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration) is an associate degree and diploma program that prepares students to go out and develop, maintain or repair small, medium and large-scale heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

HVAC/R Degree

The HVAC/R program delivers training that is relevant to the industry in a learning environment that mirrors the real world. Master the intricacies of HVAC/R technology — from appliances for residential homes to electronic and pneumatic systems for commercial venues that are controlled by computers.

Courses you could take include:

  • Energy management
  • Control systems for heating and air-conditioning
  • HVAC/R software and technology
  • Diagnosing problems
  • Local codes and federal regulations
  • HVAC/R software and technology

Preparing to Work in HVAC/R

HVAC/R graduates are armed to enter the customer service industry and repair, maintain or develop any type of HVAC/R system. In fact, the program prepares graduates for the ARI/GAMA Student Competency examinations. If you have an entrepreneurial drive, analytical skills and the desire to solve mechanical problems, then consider an HVAC/R degree. Get more information today.

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