Job Foreman – Construction

Job foremen specializing in construction, also known as construction foremen or managers, are responsible for leading the daily operations of a construction crew. These professional men and women have extensive experience in construction trades such as plumbing or carpentry. They use their trade expertise and supervising skills to oversee the construction of a variety of projects, including:

  • Commercial properties like retail markets and entertainment centers
  • Residential developments such as houses and apartments
  • Public buildings like schools and hospitals

Job foremen are often considered project managers who supervise employee training, promote proper equipment use, and maintain safe work environments. They may also serve as liaisons between employees and top project supervisors. In addition, job foremen often finalize work schedules and material orders for their worksites.

Job foremen should be experts in a specific construction trade and have extensive project management experience. Excellent communication skills, flexibility and strong leadership abilities are also required in this profession.

Become a Job Foreman – Construction Degrees

Most job foremen have several years of on-the-job experience in various aspects of project construction. A growing number of construction companies and clients also prefer job foremen with a bachelor’s degree in construction management, civil engineering, building science or a related discipline. In some cases, professionals with an associate degree and relevant work experience may also qualify for a job foreman position.

Certification may be required for a job foreman, depending on his or her individual employer, specific location or project assignment. Voluntary certification programs for construction managers are offered by the Construction Management Association of America and the American Institute of Constructors. While not always necessary, certification may be beneficial for job foremen seeking high profile or competitive construction management positions.

Salary for a Job Foreman – Construction

The salary for a job foreman specializing in construction often depends on his or her location and employer. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a construction manager in May 2010 was $94,240. The average salary range for construction managers was $50,240 to $150,250 annually and $24.16 to $72.24 hourly.

Job prospects for construction managers are considered good, particularly for professionals with extensive working experience and an advanced degree in construction management or a related field.

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