Management of Engineering & Technology

Leadership is crucial to any department within an organization, but even more so in areas where teams need to produce innovation at lightning-fast speeds for markets that are hungry for better technology and more dynamic products. The management of engineering and technology program is designed to integrate hands-on technical experience with the theory and practice of management to produce leaders who will analyze, supervise, motivate and optimize.

Management of Engineering & Technology Certificate

Management of engineering and technology courses introduce the engineer or scientist to management principles as well as optimization guidelines with courses such as:

  • Principles of quality management
  • Strategic technology management
  • Optimizing processes in technology
  • Enterprise project management
  • Improving productivity through technology
  • Environmental systems management

Preparing to Work as a Manager of Engineering & Technology

Management of engineering and technology empowers scientists and engineers to become managers who lead motivated and empowered people as collaborators. These leaders are the same ones who analyze problems and obstacles within the production process and diagnose the proper solutions that optimize the entire workflow. The result: project leaders who motivate people, execute a project plan, obtain commitment from co-laborers and deliver results within the technology and engineering field.

If you’re already in engineering or a scientist and have the desire to advance to a leadership position, then this program is designed for you.

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