Math Degree

Mathematics is the science of solving scientific, economic, physics, business and engineering problems through computational techniques, computer technology, theory and algorithms. Mathematicians may work for the government, at a university in research and teaching, or as part of an interdisciplinary team in the science or business world.

Mathematicians use a variety of theories, computational techniques, and innovative technologies to solve problems in fields such as economics, engineering, physics, and science.

Math Degrees

A doctorate degree in mathematics is usually the minimum requirement for positions in the field, especially in private industries or universities. However, those with a master’s degree in mathematics can obtain jobs in related fields. Some entry-level positions with the Federal Government only require a bachelor’s degree for consideration.

Math Fields

Mathematicians are experts in mathematics and the computational and theoretical problems the science seeks to answer. Some work as “pure” mathematicians, while others work in related fields, such as economics or engineering.

  • Mathematician

    Mathematicians use a number of tools and resources to carry out their work, including algorithms, computational techniques, mathematical theory and computers.

  • Actuary

    Actuaries are risk experts who work work to reduce the likelihood of undesirable events and lessen the costs associated with adverse events when they occur. If you were a math major, this job could be for you.

  • Cryptographer

    Cryptographers are experts in creating and interpreting codes and encryption systems. They may work for the government, military, telecommunications industry, financial sector or law-enforcement agencies.

  • Economist

    Do you like to analyze past and current economic conditions and forecast the future economic climate? Economists research factors in society to predict a variety of economic outcomes.

  • Statistician

    Statistics touch a number of career fields, including economics, engineering, education, biology, psychology, marketing and public health. If you like collecting and analyzing numerical data to generate information on a variety of subjects, this job could be for you.

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