Structural Engineering Degrees

Structural engineers plan, design and inspect bridges, towers, buildings, stadiums, amusement park rides and even monuments. Employment opportunities for structural engineers most often come from the construction industry, but automotive and aerospace fields utilize the specific skills of these professional builders.

Due to the wide scope of work available in this field, earning a degree is highly recommended. In some states, becoming a structural engineer means earning at least two years of construction experience and passing a state exam.

Structural Engineering Degrees

A bachelor’s degree in civil engineering is the minimum requirement for working as a professional engineer, but most structural engineers go on to earn a master’s degree. Some structural engineers also pursue doctorate degrees.

Earning an advanced degree in engineering can increase employment opportunities and earning potential. Do you have what it takes?

Structural Engineer Job Description

A structural engineer’s job requires a delicate balance between focusing on public safety and client desires. They must be able to think analytically, problem solve and communicate effectively with other professionals.

Some of the daily job duties of structural engineers include:

  • Designing structures using mathematical formulas and computer programs
  • Creating plans and blueprints
  • Determining costs
  • Establishing safety measures
  • Working with other types of engineers and contractors

Structural Engineer Salary

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, civil engineering salaries range from $48,000 to $62,000 annually depending on the degree level. Engineers are some of the highest paid bachelor’s degree holders in the United States.

The U.S. Department of Labor notes that civil engineering positions are expected to continue growing in both demand and income as the United States increases in population, requiring continuous new building along with oversight and repair of existing structures.

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