Zoology Degree

Zoology (pronounced zo – ology rather than zoo – ology) refers to the study of animals under the general scientific classification of biology. This field encompasses the study of the animal kingdom’s physiology, development, habitats and classification. In recent years, a greater emphasis combining ecology and zoology has occurred as the correlation between environmental issues and animal habitats comes more into focus.

Zoology Degrees

Many specialties and disciplines fall under general zoology. A zoologist may concentrate on a particular species or work in a specific field as related to the animal kingdom. Many different work environments require the expertise of a zoologist including wildlife parks and zoos; animal care facilities; industry; and laboratories.

Zoologists may also be involved in the development and teaching of related educational materials for children and adults. Their knowledge may benefit various industries, including medical research and development, wildlife conservation and veterinary medicine. Many zoologists work in laboratories rather than the field.

Work for Zoologist

Professionals in zoology often work cooperatively with other scientists. They combine efforts with specialists including paleontologists, anthropologists, veterinarians, ecologists, conservationists and microbiologists. Zoology offers a wide range of professional opportunities in a variety of work environments.

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