Can I Get an RN Degree Online?

Registered nurses (RNs) represent the largest category of persons employed in the healthcare industry, and their numbers are expected to increase significantly in coming years. Employment prospects for RNs are, in a word, excellent. With that in mind, many students ask the question: Can I get an RN degree online?

Though the hands-on, clinical practice can’t be accomplished online, advanced studies and continuing education for RNs can. In fact, one of the most common courses of online study for RNs is the RN to BSN degree.

What are the paths toward becoming an RN?

  1. Earn an associate degree in nursing
  2. Earn a bachelor of science degree in nursing
  3. Complete a diploma program affiliated with a hospital (these programs have been declining in number in recent years)

These three options and licensure take place in a physical location since they require significant interaction with labs, other students and even clients. But the online options below help lighten the load for busy students who need to work at their own pace.

Study Nursing Online

Nurses who upgrade their associate degree to a Bachelor of Science could gain an advantage in career advancement and earning potential. Plus an online course of study allows them to pursue their BSN while continuing to work as RNs, fitting their coursework around their schedules.

There are also online programs for BSN specializations in fields such as midwifery, geriatrics, pediatrics, psychiatric nursing and more. A master’s in nursing offers further potential along with an opportunity to specialize in healthcare administration, case management and education.

Medical science as an area of study is anything but static. Diagnostic and technological advances, along with ongoing improvements in standards of care, make continuing education for RNs a necessity. In recognition of this, many states and employers require RNs to earn continuing education credits at regular intervals. Online degrees can be an attractive option for acquiring those credits. Gaining knowledge is a career-long endeavor for RNs, and online study can bring efficiency and convenience to that practice.

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