Who Gets an Online Degree? And is it Right for Me?

Getting a degree is more important than ever in today’s highly competitive job market. But is an online degree a good fit for me? To answer that, take a look at some of the people getting online degrees and how the entire process plays out.

Who Usually Gets an Online Degree?

Online degree programs are particularly attractive to professionals who don’t want to give up their day job while improving their chances for success.

According to the University of Phoenix, online degree candidates are usually career-oriented professionals with an average age of 38. A survey of online students shows that 20% own their own businesses or are executives; 30% are managers; and 44% are licensed professionals.

According to the University of Phoenix, 60% of their students complete their degrees online.

For most online degree schools, a student must possess a high school diploma and some schools have a minimum age of 22 or 23.

Is An Online Degree Right for Me?

If you’re a high school graduate, you can begin earning an online degree whether or not you’re employed or still looking for a job.

But apart from the bare minimum requirements, keep in mind some of the following points:

  • You need an up-to-date computer and internet access. For both of these tools, the faster, the better.
  • You need some basic computer skills – everything from instant messaging online to email, word processing and basic hardware operation.
  • Although online classes are flexible, it is much easier to pursue an online degree if your schedule is somewhat predictable.
  • Ensure you can dedicate approximately five to 10 hours a week for your online classes and coursework. If you can’t commit to this, you may have a difficult time finishing your degree.
  • Do you have some of the character traits necessary for online learning such as self-discipline, interaction, communication, teamwork, and focus?

In the end, what it boils down to is motivation. Why are you thinking of getting an online degree? If the answer to that involves self-improvement, staying on the competitive edge, or even simply changing careers, then you’re probably good to go. After all, knowing is half the battle.

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