Health Care Degrees

Apply for a secure, in-demand job by earning an online degree in health or nursing. Get prepared with online certificates, associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees in health care.

Earning an online degree in health or nursing can move you one step closer to treating and assisting people who are physically ill, abused, poor, aged and physically or mentally challenged. Do you have what it takes? If so, take the first step toward securing a highly rewarding career by earning an online degree or certificate in health care.

Health care workers of all kind remain high in demand as the population ages. If you want to stay competitive in this fast-growing field, earning an online health care degree has never been easier. Even with a full-time job and busy family life, taking classes when the time is right for you has helped thousands complete degrees.

Health Care Fields

Health care jobs are abundant. Earning an online degree in health care can help prepare you for a job in one of these following fields.

  • Forensic Medicine

    Forensic medicine is a discipline within the medical profession that applies the principles, techniques and knowledge of medicine, including dentistry, clinical psychology, biology and chemistry, to a legal context.

  • Health Care Administration

    Health care administrators plan, manage, coordinate and supervise the delivery of health and medical services to numerous venues.

  • Medical and Dental

    Caregivers in this field are in high demand in a number of locations, including hospitals, physicians’ offices, clinics, academia and the military.

  • Nursing

    Nurses assist and complement physicians and work in all the same areas and specialties as doctors, but they remain in a profession that is a separate discipline of its own.

  • Pharmacy

    Pharmacist are licensed to dispense medicine and drugs on the written orders of physicians. They also educate and counsel patients about the use, risks and potential side effects of these substances.

  • Physical Therapy

    Physical therapists improve the overall physical functionality of their patients. They accomplish this goal by using a variety of methods, including guided exercise, massage and dance.

  • Public Health

    Public health workers promote, maintain, preserve and improve the health of large populations that constitute a society, including disease prevention, life prolongation and citizen education.

  • Radiology

    Radiology is the branch of medical science that specializes in internal imaging. This can involve the use of high-energy radiation, such as X-rays and other technologies.

  • Social Work

    Social work is a general term in health care and human services that refers to workers who assist disadvantaged populations improve the quality of their lives by enabling them to cope with stresses and other difficulties.

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