Advanced Start Health and Wellness

An Advanced Start BS degree in Health and Wellness focuses on preventative health care rather than treating existing diseases. Students are typically people interested in methods that promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

What Do Advanced Start Health And Wellness Majors Learn?

Programs that offer an advanced start degree in health and wellness study theories of healthcare along with new information about preventative measures to stop disease. They also help develop leadership skills to allow students to help people in need of wellness training.

Majors in this field can expect to take courses in exercise, fitness, stress management, and psychology as well as anatomy and nutrition. These courses provide a well-rounded approach to helping future clients with their wellness and fitness needs. Many programs also require hands-on experience in the form of an internship with a wellness or fitness center.

Many colleges offer a four-year bachelor’s program in fitness and wellness, and some schools offer a specialized degree in advanced start health and wellness. Each school’s curriculum and requirements are slightly different, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that many states require certification in order to become a fitness trainer.

You should look for a program that not only gives you good training in your field but also prepares you for the state-mandated test you will have to pass to get your fitness training certification. You may also need to be certified in other areas such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR.

Where Can I Find A Job with an Advanced Start Degree in Health and Wellness?

Health and wellness consultants and trainers work in a variety of settings including schools, hospitals, nursing homes, public health, and doctor’s offices as well as fitness centers and spas. Government agencies may also hire these graduates for positions that allow them to work with certain populations through health departments or other agencies.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that 61 percent of all fitness trainers work in fitness or sports centers, while 13 percent work in civil or social organizations and two percent work in hospitals. By far the majority of jobs in the advanced start health and wellness field will be found in private fitness and training facilities or in companies that offer training to other groups.

What Is The Job Outlook For Advanced Start Health and Wellness Trainers?

The job growth rate over the next ten years for fitness trainers is predicted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to be at least 24 percent or about twice the average for all jobs. This high growth rate has been attributed to the rapidly-aging population and the concern over maintaining quality of life as we age. Most jobs will focus on health and wellness for an older population, although young people are often involved in wellness and fitness activities, as well.

With the new focus on healthy lifestyles and maintaining fitness and energy levels, the job opportunities for advanced start health and wellness graduates will be growing exponentially and will become more demanding about proper training and recruiting individuals with a strong commitment to health and physical performance.

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