Advanced Start Public Health

You are interested in the field of medicine, but on a much broader scale. You want to know how the health of whole populations is impacted by environmental factors, and you look for ways to improve the quality of life in downtrodden communities. Your passions are focused on public policy and safety–and the planning required. If this sounds like you, a degree in public health might be the ticket to an exciting and rewarding career.

Advanced Start Public Health Degree

Advanced start public health students already have some kind of degree-whether it is an associate or bachelor’s degreeso many general requirement classes are complete. This means coursework focuses directly on public health, health care administration, law and administration as they apply to the public health realm.

Here are a few of the classes you might expect to take while pursuing a public health degree:

  • Epidemiology and Biostatistics
  • Environmental Health
  • Research Methods for Health Sciences
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Public Health Law

Preparing to Work in Public Health

A degree in public health can open the door to a job as community response planner, public health analyst or law enforcement administrator. You could work in government agencies, health care facilities or non-profit organizations. Your degree could even allow you to advance your career in public health, either with an entry-level position that offers on-the-job training or the opportunity to pursue an advanced degree.

Your passion for helping others can shine with a career in the public health field. Check out the many opportunities a public health degree can offer you.

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