Bioethics Consultant

Bioethics is a much needed field in this day and age when technology and the latest scientific discoveries have begun to blur the boundaries between life, death, conception and birth.

Bioethics as a field is relatively new. It takes a look at the serious ethical and legal issues of using and deploying modern technologies. What are the effects on society, on institutions, on professions, on individuals? For instance, how do these new technologies or procedures impact the roles and rights of patients, physicians, and investigators in selecting a course of treatment?

To enter into the bioethics field, you could start with a certificate course. You are not required to have a professional or graduate degree in order to apply for a certificate. However, to increase your chances for getting a good job in the field, advanced degrees are ideal. There are master’s degrees and doctorate degrees in bioethics available – all of which can be taken online at many learning institutions. These courses will provide you with a good foundation in bioethics, including coursework in ethics theory, health care ethics, philosophy, the history of medicine, cultural studies, health law, public health, and the social sciences.

Bioethics Job Description

Bioethics consultants may do some or all of the following:

  • Analyze and assist physicians and health care institutions to resolve the ethical dilemmas in individual patient cases
  • Assist private and governmental health policy organizations in the analysis of bioethics issues
  • Do research on key bioethics issues of regional, national, and international importance
  • Educate and train medical students, colleagues and policy makers on bioethics issues

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