Counseling Degree

Are you searching for a career focused on helping others work through emotional issues? Do your friends and family come to you with the tough questions of life? If you are the “go to” person for advice and wisdom, the field of counseling could be a great area of study for you.

Build a career out of your talents by enrolling in a counseling degree program that teaches you to apply effective methods of assessment, treatment and case management to daily situations. Whether you want to enhance your current career or change positions entirely, counseling could be the path that gets you there.

Counseling Degrees

Students of a counseling program can explore the effects of various psychopathological behaviors on an individual, family and community. In addition to classroom-based learning, students can engage in hands-on work in the field. Many courses also meet the certification requirements for professional prevention specialists and treatment counselors.

Required courses to complete a counseling program typically address the following areas:

  • General Psychology
  • Health Care Systems and Transcultural Health Care
  • Health Policy and Economic Analysis
  • Health Care Accounting and Billing
  • Culture and Diversity in Counseling Service and Practice
  • Group Counseling and Community Education
  • Case Management and Interventions in Counseling

Preparing to Work in Counseling

Graduates of an accredited counseling program can qualify for entry-level counseling positions, such as prevention specialist, treatment counselor and more. Not only can education help open the door, but it also helps you build your background as an expert in the counseling field.

Why wait? Go for the job you really want, starting with the right educational background and practical skills. Boost your credentials, gain experience and look forward to advancing your career!

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