Health and Wellness

Do you enjoy sharing knowledge and helping others improve their lives? If so, consider tuning your talents with a degree program in health and wellness. Not only can you learn topics that can improve your own health and wellness, but you’ll learn how to share that knowledge with others.

Health and Wellness Degree

Starting with courses exploring exercise, nutrition and general studies, students learn the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle. From there, it all comes together with courses in complementary and alternative medicine, the mind-body-spirit connection, and stress management and prevention. Preparing for a health and wellness career takes a passion for healthy living, but it also requires the right type of training.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the courses included in a health and wellness degree program:

  • Scientific Foundations of Exercise and Fitness
  • Vitamins, Herbs, and Nutritional Supplements
  • Contemporary Diet and Fitness
  • Principles of Nutrition
  • Creating Wellness: Psychological and Spiritual Aspects of Healing

Preparing to Work in Health and Wellness

Earning a degree in health and wellness prepares you for a health care career in both traditional and complementary health care environments including hospitals, health care clinics, corporate wellness centers and more. It can also take your current position to a higher level with your advanced knowledge of exercise, fitness, healing and nutrition. Follow your passion, explore the healing arts and add a strong dose of credibility to your professional resume.

Remember, the mind-body-spirit connection is powerful just like exercise and nutrition. It’s time to turn your passion into knowledge and then share that knowledge with others. Are you ready?

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