Mother and Child Health Educator

Mother and Child Health Educators, also known as Maternal and Child Health Educators, provide health resources and information to pregnant women, new mothers and children. Their job is to promote and improve community health by assisting moms in making healthy choices, including comprehensive pre- and post-natal care, well-baby visits and the implementation of other lifestyle changes.

Most mother and child health educators have advanced degrees in social work, public health or other related fields. While those in the field do not earn high salaries, job satisfaction seems to be the payoff.

A number of different undergraduate and graduate degrees can lead one to become a Mother and Child Educator, the commonalities being social sciences and/or health care.

Most field positions require a master’s degree, though some entry-level positions exist for candidates with only a bachelor’s degree. Most frequently, mother and child educators have a nursing background combined with course work or a degree in social work or counseling.

Mother and Child Educator Job Description

Mother and child educators are professionals who specialize in ensuring the health and welfare of mothers pre- and post-natal, as well as that of their children, before and after the birth.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating educational programs with health specialists and outreach groups
  • Providing basic well-pregnancy care, including urine and blood tests, as well as blood pressure and weight checks
  • Promoting infant and child vaccinations through information and education
  • Offering infant and child vaccinations and/or providing referrals for subsidized medical facilities that vaccinate babies and children
  • Counseling pregnant mothers on proper nutrition
  • Counseling new mothers on breastfeeding and formula feeding, as well as the changing nutritional requirements of growing babies
  • Advising new mothers about safety regulations and concerns, such as car seats, baby proofing and emergencies
  • Ascertaining the health needs of at-risk mothers and providing information about available professional services

Mother and Child Educator Salary Outlook

According to the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, in 2008, health educators earned a national average of $21.16/hour or $44,012 per year. Depending on level of education, seniority and geographic location, however, the salary of a mother and child educator will vary by as much as 50 percent or more.

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