Humanities Degrees

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Humanities refers to the study of human expression, human interaction, human thought and culture. Humanities disciplines involve the study of how we make sense of ourselves, our cultures and the world in which we live. An education in humanities provides a valuable basis for almost any endeavor-scientific, artistic, service-oriented or business-focused.

Humanities Fields

Numerous career opportunities are possible once you earn an online degree in arts and design. Below are a few of the most popular:

  • Communications

    In this far-reaching discipline, one learns to communicate ideas effectively using words, images, symbols or sound.Could a career in communications be calling?

  • English

    The rich tradition of the English language, its complexities and its power of expression, offers a limitless source of study. For readers, writers and teachers, a grounding in English is essential.

  • Literature

    The study of English literature and foreign literature in translation provides much more than entertainment. Valuable insights about history and culture, politics and power reward thoughtful readers. A literature degree can unlock a world of knowledge.

  • Philosophy

    Philosophers seek answers to the endless “why?”. From the Socratic Method to post-structuralism and semiotics, philosophers postulate answers around humankind’s most fundamental (and most esoteric) questions. A philosophy degree is truly a degree in thinking.

  • Theology

    Theologians study the beauty and the power of the world’s religions, and how they nourish the spirit while influencing history, culture and geopolitics. A degree in theology brings deep thought to a life of the spirit.

  • Religous Studies

    A religious studies professor teaches at a university level. Religious studies involve the concepts, history and traditions of different world religions. Rituals and morals related to each religion are examined in light of the current culture.

  • Liberal Arts

    A background in the liberal arts encourages students to develop both an appreciation of culture and the ability to reason as an individual. Could a degree in liberal arts be a good fit for you?

  • Librarian

    A librarian is an information specialist trained to maintain, review, catalog, store and access periodicals, books, online resources, audiovisual materials and other forms of data. Also known as information professionals, librarians work for various public and private institutions, companies, firms and government agencies.

  • Library Assistant

    library assistant, sometimes known as library technician, is an information specialist trained to assist with several essential library functions including the organization, maintenance, storage, acquisition and lending of books and other resources.

  • Library Clerk

    A library clerk is an information assistant trained to help with daily library operations, including organizing and shelving books, accessing periodicals and assisting patrons.

  • Assistant Librarian

    An assistant librarian is an information specialist trained to contribute to the maintenance, cataloging, accessing and storage of publications, online resources, audiovisual materials, periodicals and other library materials.

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