English Degree

Searching for an online English degree from an accredited university? If so, find diplomas, certificates, associate degrees and bachelor’s degrees in English here!

The rich tradition of the English language, its complexities and its power of expression, offers a limitless source of study. For readers, writers, editors and teachers, a grounding in English is essential. An education in English can also contribute significantly to careers in business and government, social service and higher education.

English Career Opportunities

Numerous career opportunities are possible once you earn an online degree in English. Below are a few of the most popular:

  • English Teacher

    Composition, literature, critical thinking and grammatical structures-the essential elements of communication-are instilled in us and nurtured by English teachers at the middle school and secondary levels.

  • Literature

    Literature is about what’s possible. Fiction writers give free reign to the imagination-building worlds and relationships, characters and creatures without regard to restrictions and parameters. A career in literature could encompass teaching both English and foreign-language literature, or creative writing or literary criticism. It could emphasize poetry or drama, short fiction or novels.

  • Writer

    Fiction or non-fiction, journalism, criticism, drama, even advertising and technical writing: writers work in publishing, but they also contribute to almost every industry that needs to put its story out to the public.

  • Editor

    Helping writers shape their stories, knowing what the audience wants and deciding what’s worth publishing; finding and nurturing literary talent and setting the tone for news organizations; editors wield real power through the written word.

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