Library Clerk

The majority of library clerks work in local public libraries or elementary and secondary schools. To secure a position as a library clerk, individuals could benefit from the following:

  • Demonstrating strong interpersonal, organizational and communication skills
  • Working knowledge of computers and other office machines
  • Receiving on-the-job experience as a library intern or volunteer

Since a library clerk often works at the front library desk and interacts regularly with patrons, many facilities look for personnel with prior customer service experience or strong interpersonal skills. In addition, clerks may be required to perform various clerical duties, like typing, filing, answering phones and accessing requested materials.

Library Clerk Job Description

Library clerks are generally responsible for assisting supervising library staff with key functions like receiving and sorting books and AV titles, issuing library cards and providing requested periodical titles. They also commonly assist patrons with a variety of information requests, from using facility computers to paying overdue fees.

Library clerks should understand the daily functions of a library, including the processes of lending and receiving materials, sorting returned items, and assisting patrons. Library clerks employed in an industry-specific library, such as a medical or legal facility, may also need to become familiar with specialized terms and publication titles.

Library clerks work in a variety of settings, including:

  • Local, state and federal government libraries
  • Private and public school libraries
  • Legal, medical and other industry-specific information centers

Depending on their specific work environment and individual responsibilities, library clerks may work on a full or part-time basis. However, some professionals employed by colleges, universities or private institutions may be required to work weekends, holidays or extended hours to meet their patrons’ scheduling needs.

Libarary Clerk Salary

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a library clerk’s average annual salary is around $22,980. Demand may be higher for personnel with previous library or clerical experience.

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