Religious Studies Degree

A religious studies professor teaches at a university level. Religious studies involve the concepts, history and traditions of different world religions. Rituals and morals related to each religion are examined in light of the current culture. Professors of religious studies have the same lecture and teaching responsibilities as other university instructors.

Religious studies professors may teach in private or public universities and colleges. The growing trend to understand world religions makes this course more readily available.

Religious Studies Degrees

A university or college professor, including one in religious studies, requires a minimum of a masters degree with many colleges requiring a doctorate degree. To become a religious studies professor, the following educational path is recommended:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in theology, divinity or world religions
  • Master’s Degree in religion or theology
  • Doctorate in theology

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) notes that the majority of postsecondary or college professors hold doctorate degrees.

Religious Studies Professor Job Description

A religious studies professor teaches about the major religions of the world. The content of these teachings includes the morals, symbolism and tenants of the religions along with how todays current culture responds to them.

Religious studies instructors prepare lesson plans, give lectures, administer exams, evaluate student work and assist students, as needed. They may also write books and articles or act as consultants for publishers and other professionals.

Religious studies professors spend their day doing the following:

  • Developing lesson plans
  • Lecturing and teaching
  • Assigning and evaluating student work
  • Administering exams
  • Calculating and assigning grades
  • Writing books and/or articles
  • Acting as a consultant.

Religious Studies Professor Salary

University level teachers can expect an increase in employment opportunities through 2018, according to the BLS. It is anticipated that this profession will grow by 15%, which is greater than average compared to other professions. With the increased interest in world religions, it is anticipated that this particular teaching position will be in demand.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor in May 2008, the average income for a postsecondary instructor was over $58,000 with an annual salary range of $42,000 to $122,000. University professors salaries are directly related to level of education and experience. Tenured professors earn the highest average salaries of over $79,000.

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