Theology Degree

Theology is the study of spirituality and religion across any denomination or practice – examining its impact and influence on global societies.

Theologians study Scripture, leadership, religious traditions, law and spirituality, how to present religious texts, and morality and ethics. Earning an online theology degree gives you skills and opens you up to a number of careers, including religious education, healthcare administration, social work, nursing, counseling and employment by religious organizations.

Theology Job Description

Theology graduates have a variety of career options available to them. It is an ideal starting point for those who wish to go into education or eventually into fields such as law, medicine or philosophy. Other careers open to theology degree holders include jobs within churches or religious organizations such as priest, pastor, rabbi or minister. Note however that requirements differ for each religion and denomination. Some theology roles may require extra seminary training, while others require a master’s or doctor of theology degree.

One of the most common careers for theology graduates is teaching religion or philosophy. A doctorate is required if you intend to teach at the college level. As a post-secondary teacher, your job will entail:

  • Teaching classes and preparing curricula
  • Researching your field and publishing findings in journals

Theology Salaries

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median yearly salary of Philosophy and Religion Teachers was $61,240 in May of 2009. The middle 50% earned between $45,530 and $81,760. Meanwhile the lowest 10% of forensic science technicians earned less than $34,130 while the top 90% earned more than $109,300.

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