Writing Degree

Marketing, advertising and technical writing, fiction or non-fiction, journalism, criticism, drama: writers work in publishing, but they also contribute to almost every industry that needs to put its story out to the public. Degree programs for writers could be in communications or in English, with coursework in a wide variety of disciplines.

Writing Career Opportunities

Numerous career opportunities are possible for writers once you’ve earned an online degree. Below are a few of the most popular:

Technical Writer

Technical writers take on bewilderingly complex technologies and highly sophisticated scientific processes and describe them concisely and accurately. The job of a technical writer is to bring clarity to subject matter that’s opaque at best and incomprehensible at worst. Depending on the sophistication of the audience, the technical writer may be called upon to provide meticulous detail or to simplify the basic concepts being described. Do you enjoy digging into and making sense of complex subject matter? Then a career as a technical writer could be for you!

Copy Writer

The job of a copy writer is to conceptualize, simplify and persuade. Selling a brand or a product, a company or a style with compelling language and provocative imagery is the end result of a copywriter’s work. More than most writers, advertising copy writers exercise economy of language, making their points with maximum emphasis and a ruthless eye for editing. Can you paint a picture with a phrase? Maybe you should study to be a copy writer!

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