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The American Council on Education (ACE) has taken a big interest in military service members’ access to education. Recognizing how much training military members receive to perform highly skilled jobs, ACE has worked with the Department of Defense to create a system to evaluate military training for college credit.

The ACE evaluation programs (which vary by service branch) serve a unique and unparalleled function; they give colleges and universities a basis by which military training can be quantified and translated into credits.

Online colleges and degree programs in particular have been at the forefront of creating degree paths that take recognize the many different areas of learning and expertise that take place during a military career, and the ACE programs have made military-specific degree paths possible.

Services ACE Offers the Military

First, ACE translates active duty experience into civilian college credits.

The guide maintained and updated by ACE is available online, and it lists various military trainings and occupations, assigning equivalent college credit for each. Many online colleges and degree programs have counselors specifically trained to help military students get the most credits possible for the training and work they have completed, and the ACE Military Guide is the basis for these credits to be assigned.

Second, ACE offers ongoing evaluation of educational courses and training programs at military bases.

The Military Installation Voluntary Education Review (MIVER) program consists of professionals that are well versed in education and the unique needs of non-traditional students. They visit locations and evaluate programs to make sure the education being offered is of the highest quality possible.

Third, ACE offers quality assurance and content suggestions for military transcript programs.

Each military service branch and the Coast Guard maintain transcript services for training courses taken on active duty. These transcripts list and detail training as well as offer a civilian equivalent explanation and credit recommendations. Transcripts are a good place to start, but it’s also a very good idea to double check your own records with a trained counselor at a university or degree program experienced in dealing with military records.

Requesting Transcripts

Each service branch has a specific program where transcripts can be requested:

  • Army/ACE Registry Transcript System (AARTS)
  • Sailor/Marine/ACE Registry Transcript (SMART)
  • Community College of the Air Force (CCAF)
  • Official Transcript Request – United States Coast Guard

Most degree programs and colleges require military students to send their transcripts directly to them for evaluation, but it is also a good idea to have a copy of your transcripts for your own records.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the information your transcripts contain, a quick look at ACE’s military guide will help you to locate any training that may have been overlooked.

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