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Best Degrees for Military

By Ruthie Longley

You know that a college degree will help you advance your career. You even did some research and found an online university or degree program that best fits your active military lifestyle. But what is the best degree for a military career and beyond? Accredited, online colleges have developed degree programs that allow service members to advance in their active duty career fields while bolstering resumes for civilian life after military retirement. Learn about the five hottest military degrees that can benefit you both in and out of the military.

Degrees in Law Enforcement

You don’t have to be involved with the military police to benefit from a degree in law enforcement. Civilian security and police forces value military experience and often give extra hiring points to veterans.

Knowledge of firearms, physical fitness and the ability to work as a strategic team are all integral parts of a military and law enforcement career. Your service gives you this leg up into a recession-proof career, so why not get the educational training to round out your qualifications?

There are several military degrees available in the law enforcement field, including Criminal Justice, Forensic Psychology, Corrections and Cyber-crime Investigation.

Degrees in Health Care

There are as many areas in health care as there are people with health problems, so it’s another high-demand career field. The military is an excellent place to get started in the health care field and an online degree program can provide a great educational jump. Mental health and psychology degrees are particularly sought after in combination with military service as the demand for mental health professionals who can understand military-specific issues (like PTSD and military family counseling) are needed.

Other health care degrees in demand for service members include: Health Care Management, Health Administration and Social Services.

Degrees in Engineering

The engineering field is hot, hot, hot! From designing weapons systems to creating buildings, the field of engineering is multi-faceted and absolutely necessary everywhere in the world. Military technology is being developed at a rapid pace, and engineers are needed to shepherd that development. This technology is vital, and engineers that can help in its development are crucial. Pay and benefits for engineering positions are skyrocketing.

Service members are helping to build schools, roads and infrastructure all over the globe. Engineering backgrounds are of vital importance to get these jobs done. And computer hardware knowledge and the ability to diagnose and protect against cyber threats are in high demand in the military and civilian sector.

Engineering degrees to look at include: Information Technology (IT), Software Architecture, Engineering Studies and Security.

Degrees in Counter-Terrorism

World travel is a given when you’re in the military, and increasing numbers of area specialists and counter-terrorism specialists are needed. Intelligence information is pouring into analysis centers, but more experts are needed to put that information in context and figure out how it affects the United States.

Degrees in counter-terrorism studies are a perfect complement to the real-world counter-terrorism work done by service members of all branches.

Degrees in Business Administration

A business administration degree may not sound like it dovetails with military service, but business administration is a wide subject.

Marketing and communications degrees are invaluable for service members because they involve training in how to reach people of different backgrounds and cultures. With current missions all over the globe, training is highly sought after in the chain of command and civilian world. Degrees in NGO Management and Public Administration also provide excellent backgrounds for people who are sure to be working with charities and local governments in multiple capacities all over the world.

Highly sought after administration degrees include: International Management, Marketing, Communications and Public Administration.

The list of online degrees that compliment military service is longer than you may think. Check out the list of degrees offered by to find the perfect online degree program for you!

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