College Credit for Military Training: Check Your Records

One of the biggest mistakes students make while pursuing a degree at an online university is not fully examining their military training records to locate areas that can translate into college credits. With so many pages of transcripts — often stretching back years through training programs that may no longer be offered — the prospect of mining those printouts for possible transfers to an online university can be daunting.

Counselors for online degree programs will often recommend that incoming students search their training records for college credit possibilities, especially since training done prior to computerized credit assignments could have slipped through the cracks.

Three or four hours reviewing your training records one weekend may save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in college tuition, fees and book costs as well as months of studying.

Make an appointment to discuss your military records with the online college degree program of your choice. Online universities with programs designed for military students have evaluators who are experts in locating areas of training that can translate into credits. Something that may seem innocuous and simple to you may actually qualify to fulfill a graduation requirement

Finally, re-evaluate your training records as you complete your college classes. Your military training doesn’t stop because you are enrolled in an online degree program! You may be able to gain even more credits from military training as you work through your academic classes online.

Having your complete training records evaluated by your online college of choice or an organization they recommend might be just the thing that gets you on the fast track to a college degree.

College Credit for Military Training: Finding the Loopholes

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