Military Education: Glosssary

Active Duty: Current, full-time service member who is not a part of the Reserves or National Guard.

BAH: The Basic Allowance for Housing is the monthly stipend given at a particular rate dependant on rank. BAH amount is calculated by zip code.

Career Field: A service member’s “official” job duties. Each service branch has a different name for job duties. For example, the Army calls it Military Occupation Specialty (for enlisted soldiers) and Area of Concentration (for officers).

Chain of Command: The consecutive levels of authority in a military unit.

Dependent: Someone who is related to a military service member through birth or marriage and receives the majority of their support from the service member.

Deployed: An overseas assignment to an area that does not allow dependants to accompany the service member.

Discharge: An individual’s end of time in service. This can be one of several levels, including: honorable, general, less than honorable, bad conduct, dishonorable and entry-level separation. An individual’s discharge status affects everything from VA benefits to eligibility for government positions.

Duty Station: This is where a military service member is stationed.

E5: Enlisted military rank

Military Brat: A military child dependant. This is the preferred term to use, although it is not an official term.

PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, an anxiety disorder that occurs in the aftermath of a traumatic event.

Promotion Packet: The complete file put forward for review when a service member is applying to a board for promotion. The promotion packet includes educational background, performance reviews, job descriptions, test scores and other items of interest.

Reserves: Part-time military members who hold regular civilian jobs but can be called up to serve for long periods of time. Members in the reserves who are in the middle of a year-long tour are not “active,” but they are considered “activated reserves.” Service Related Disability: A disability that occurred due to necessary actions while serving in the military.

Rucking: A long march or mission that involves carrying a heavy load of gear, often used in place of the more common military term “humping.”

Service Related Disability: A disability that occurred due to necessary actions while serving in the military.

Veteran’s Administration: Also called the VA, this is where veterans get benefits decisions approved or disapproved.

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