Transferring Signals Experience into the Civilian World

By Ruthie Longley

You’ve created communications systems in war zones and worked with some of the most technologically advanced equipment in the world. You’ve put in thousands of hours of intense training in areas like phone systems, computer systems and satellites. How can you make your prior experiences and training work for you?

Signal Corps experience is in high demand in the Civilian World, and how better to show employers what you know than by earning a degree that perfectly complements your military experience? With the programs in place through many online universities and degree programs, you can accelerate your career by testing out to get credit for those hours of intense training already completed.

Networking and Communications

You have laid the groundwork for people to communicate essential orders and relay information in some of the most dangerous environments on Earth. Not only do you work well under pressure, but you can create a working communication system out of tin cans, string and a few paperclips. Let’s face it MacGyver, it’s time to showcase your abilities with an online degree in Networking and Communications.

Not only will civilian organizations value your ability to create a working network anywhere on earth, but that experience translates to immediate college credits without having to take classes on theories and principles you learned long ago and already put into practice.

Internet Technology Security

When you put together communication systems for the military, especially in war zones, you do it with security issues at the front of your mind. Your people need to communicate without being overheard.

You know the ins and outs of security for communication and computer systems like the back of your hand. Why not build on that important skill by getting your college degree in IT Security? Not only are trained and experienced IT Security personnel in high demand, but because businesses always need protection from competitors, viruses and devastating glitches, IT Security could be one of the few recession-proof jobs.

Engineering Studies

Engineering is a natural fit for service members in the Signals field. Building a communications system isn’t only about wires and hard drives; it also entails making use of – and sometimes improving upon – local infrastructure. You have to be able to analyze situations and build systems everywhere from deserts to jungles – sometimes in the middle of the ocean! Your life experience has already taught you the basics of engineering theory, so put that knowledge toward your online degree in engineering.

Public Administration

The government is currently releasing funds for millions of infrastructure projects around the United States – and those are projects you are well qualified to help administer. From repairing aging phone and power lines to building up public access to the Internet, these “shovel ready” projects are all things you’ve probably done before.

Why not take your experience to the next level with a degree in Public Administration? Cities, counties and states are always on the lookout for experienced and qualified project and program managers. They need people who know how to accomplish their goals and work within the government system. You have already done both.

Positions in state and local administrations are well paying with tremendous job security and retirement benefits. Not only that, but military experience is highly valued in the government sector. A degree in Public Administration may be the best thing you can do to showcase your knowledge and get your foot into door.

Criminal Justice – Computer Crime

You know how to set up systems and you know how to take them down. You’ve also spent time training to protect people back home. Use both of those skills together with a degree in Criminal Justice to investigate computer crime.

Computer crime is on the rise in America and across the world. From stolen identities and tracking malicious viruses to trafficking in crimes against children, there is a desperate need for qualified individuals to bring online criminals to justice.

Criminal Justice may just be the meaningful natural follow to your military career, and there are online degree programs ready to help you translate your military experience into college credits.

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