Translating Intelligence Experience to the Civilian World

By Ruthie Longley

For the last few years you’ve been engaged in Intelligence for the military. You have analyzed situations in foreign countries. Maybe you’ve deciphered aircraft from aerial photography. You might have intercepted radio transmissions and translating, or aggregated information from sources to present in daily briefings.

But not every military career field makes such obvious parallels into civilian life, and understanding the skills that translate from real-life military experience into a civilian career is of primary importance when choosing a degree program from your online university.

Whichever aspect of the Intelligence field you’ve gained experience, there are choices when it comes to translating your military experience into an online degree for the civilian world.

Advertising and Design

Advertising may seem like a strange choice for someone with a Military Intelligence background, but it’s actually one of the best fits you can find.

To successfully work in the intelligence field, you need to know and understand the people you are collecting and analyzing. You must know their cultural values, their wants and their needs.

This is the kind of information advertising agencies and companies need to know about their target audiences. You’ve already learned how to figure these facts out and make them work for you. Why not translate that skill into the high-demand market of advertising?

Political Science

With all the background you have in understanding political systems, geography, history and trends across the world, why not choose a college major that would allow you to test out of numerous subjects and start out at the top of your class? It’s maybe no coincidence that Political Science is the degree represented in greatest numbers among intelligence professionals.

Global Business Management

Take all that information you have about foreign countries and development and make it work for you with a degree in Global Business Management.

You have in-depth knowledge about political situations, governmental friendliness to foreign investment and grounding in various local customs. Not only do you have the background information for Global Business Management, but you understand the situation overseas and at home.

Bring those various areas of knowledge together with a degree in Global Business Management and show civilian companies just how valuable your experience and knowledge can be.

Government/Non-Profit Accountancy

The average Military Intelligence specialist spends time managing government funds. From budgeting for office supplies and expenditures to figuring out the maze of rules that allow people to use the Government Purchase Card, you’ve managed to master it – and you’ve probably had to sit through thousands of hours of briefings to do so.

Why not put that knowledge toward your degree? Those endless briefings and PowerPoint classes might be worth college credit.

A degree in Government/Non-Profit Accountancy doesn’t just apply to jobs within the government. Many large corporations – Microsoft, Sears, and Wal Mart are just a few- have multi-million dollar charity wings, and they need qualified personnel to run them. With your military experience and a degree in Government/Non-Profit Accountancy you’d be ready to go. Homeland Security

You’ve got thousands of threat assessments teeming around in your head – and those threat assessments are the very basis of an online degree in Homeland Security. The federal government and many civilian firms are looking for specialists in threat assessments and foreign analysis to help them make future business plans. These skills are hard to attain in the civilian world.

Businesses need to know which governments are friendly, which countries are safe, and how best to interact with the locals across the globe to ensure a safe and profitable working environment. Why not emphasize your military experience with a degree in Homeland Security to emphasize your knowledge and experience.

And There’s Much More

These degrees are just the tip of the iceberg of what is available for intelligence professionals! Marketing, Human Resource Management, Organizational Logistics and Security Specialists can also take advantage of your military skill.

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