Adult Development

Do you find human development fascinating and enjoy working with adults? Whether you are interested in working with adults who are changing careers, becoming new parents or transitioning to new stages in life, you might find this field is for you!

Adult Development Degree

A bachelor’s degree in adult development falls under the study of psychology. As a degree seeker, you’ll begin by studying general psychology and life assessment. You’ll move on to examining the sociology of adulthood, cognitive studies, aging, and issues and trends. Research methods, design and analysis round out this multi-disciplinary study.

Some specific classes for this degree include:

  • Health and Wellness in Adulthood
  • Adult Learning and Instruction
  • Diversity and Aging
  • Perception, Learning and Cognition
  • Foundations in Educational Technology

Preparing to Work in Adult Development

A degree in adult development could open the door to a career in a variety of professional areas. The skill set learned with this degree could be utilized in law enforcement, social work, health and human services, counseling, or career education.

With the increase in the world’s adult population, there is a growing need for professionals who understand how to assist adults with career and life transitions.

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