General Family Therapy

General family therapy may be pursued as a specialization in either a master’s or doctorate program in psychology, but a bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite. Students build a solid foundation in understanding human behaviors then learn how family, marriage and other societal and cultural roles affect them. With the proper education, you could turn your passions into a career path.

Here’s a sneak peek at the kinds of classes offered in a general family therapy degree:

  • Family Therapy and Adolescents
  • Dynamics of Family Interaction
  • Advanced Theories in Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Statistical Design for Marriage and Family Therapy Research
  • Advanced Couple Therapy

Preparing to Work in General Family Therapy

Earning a degree in general family therapy prepares you to work as a therapist or even to continue studying and teaching human behaviors as a professor. It can help take your current position to the next level with an advanced knowledge of the social, cultural and biological influences on marriage and family relationships. Add an impressive credential to your professional resume while pursuing something you already love learning.

If you’re ready to help others explore why certain marriage and family relationships are more challenging than others, today is the perfect day to begin.

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