Marriage and Family Therapy

Maintaining a healthy marriage is a challenge no matter how confident a married couple may be. Often the only way to resolve conflict or to get past roadblocks in the relationship is to consult a professional for advice and facilitation. This is what the marriage and family therapy program prepares a therapist to do.

Marriage and family therapy is a graduate-level program that teaches the basic skills and theories behind the foundations of marriage and hands-on client interaction techniques. To pursue a professional career as a marriage and family therapist, graduates must know the ethics of their field and be effective communicators with sufficient understanding of the different social and cultural backgrounds that clients possess.

Marriage and Family Therapy Degree

Marriage and family therapy integrates basic therapy foundations with practical field experience and intervention strategies that can be used in various settings with diverse clients.

Marriage and family therapy coursework includes:

  • Advanced theories of family development
  • Substance abuse counseling
  • Couple and relational counseling
  • Human sexuality
  • Child and adolescent counseling
  • Ethical issues in therapy
  • Psychopathology and assessment
  • Research and assessment in marriage therapy

Preparing to Work in Marriage and Family Therapy

Graduates from marriage and family therapy are ready to apply for licensure within their own state and may go on to jobs such as: guidance counselors, substance abuse counselors, marriage counselors and family therapists.

If you feel passionate about helping couples keep marriages together and believe you have what it takes to work as a counselor of couples, earn your master’s degree in marriage and family therapy. Find out more information today.

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