Pastoral Community Counseling

The pastoral community counseling program can move you beyond basic geography to explore how to overcome the boundaries often associated with establishing a religious or spiritual community. Pastoral counselors examine individual, community and societal development as they study the unique responsibilities associated with this profession.

Pastoral Community Counseling Degree

To complete this program, combine research classes, academic courses and a full dissertation successfully. You’ll examine such issues as conflict resolution, holistic health theory, non-western healing and ethical issues.

Some required classes for this doctorate program are:

  • Spiritual and Religious Issues in Counseling
  • Curriculum Development for Community Education
  • Theory and Practice of Motivation
  • Contemporary Ethical Issues in Pastoral Counseling
  • Family Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Preparing to Work as a Pastoral Community Counselor

Successful completion of this program often leads to careers in group and individual counseling; pastoral counseling within a community or church; school counseling; community center counseling; or guidance counseling. Professionals in this field often find rewards even beyond their financial gain due to the many lives that they have the opportunity to positively affect.

If you’re seeking a doctorate that helps you benefit others while establishing a successful career, check out the pastoral community counselor degree.

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