Social Science Degrees

Social science involves creating theories and searching for the right facts to support them through field and laboratory research.

Experimentation can involve both human and animal subjects, depending on the theories being explored. Social scientists may also incorporate historical data, current data that already exists and even maps to determine how cultures behaved.

Those interested in social sciences can find a number of programs available online in this field of study. A bachelor’s degree in social science is a good start, although many careers require a master’s degree or Ph.D. for higher level positions.

Social Science Fields

There are many options for graduates with degrees in social sciences. Even a bachelor’s degree can get a foot in the door for some of the careers listed below. Click on one of the job links below for details on educational requirements, employment outlook and salary ranges.

  • Behavioral Scientist

    Those employed in this field are tasked with educating the public at large about how to avoid some of the most prevalent life- and health-threatening risks in their environment.

  • Anthropology

    Anthropologists study the origins, behaviors and development of humans in a variety of cultures. They may conduct field work or do research in a laboratory to form their conclusions. Most anthropologists concentrate on a particular geographical area for their studies.

  • History

    Historians study the past, including cultural, social, political and intellectual trends. Many historians specialize in a particular geographical area or time frame. Historians may find careers in research, teaching or working for a preservation society.

  • Geography

    You spent hours looking at the World Map and memorizing countries and their capitals as a child. Youre fascinated by the details that most people dont even bother to read, and you knew more than your World Geography teacher in high school. If this describes you, a degree in geography could be the perfect program.

  • Christian Studies

    Are you interested in learning more about how to counsel, teach and minister to others biblically? If you’re fascinated by religion and, in particular, how the Bible and Christianity relate to a broader understanding of theology and philosophy, a degree in Christian Studies can deepen your understanding of Christianity and equip you to minister to others.

  • Sociology

    Sociologists research social groups to determine why societies behave as they do. Sociologists may teach at the university level or work in government. Most of their work revolves around research and policy formation.

  • Political Science

    Political science majors become market analysts, policy analysts, research assistants, writers. There is a wide variety of positions to enter concerning the practice of politics and the analysis of political systems and political behavior.

  • Philosophy

    A philosopher looks for meaning-the meaning of existence, in the structure of human interaction or the expression of spirituality.

  • Global Training and Development

    You have always been the peacemaker of the house and the behavior has followed you into adulthood. You often find yourself mediating conflicts between family members, friends and colleagues. If resolving conflict, finding the middle ground and motivating others come natural to you, the field of global training and development may be perfect.

  • Military Studies

    Are you currently a member of the armed forces seeking a promotion? Whether youre a natural leader or seeking leadership ability, this bachelors program provides the foundational skills to advance you in the military or private sector

  • Multidisciplinary Studies

    Do you have a variety of interests? Would you like to customize your program of study while earning a bachelor’s degree? If so, this program could be right up your alley allowing you to choose from a variety of educational options to pave your ideal educational path.

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